Hi, I’m Stephie. Thanks for stopping by!

I created Sincerely Stephie after a 6 month social media hiatus as a way to express, share and archive the events of my life in a more meaningful way. Sincerely Stephie is not meant to be some overly aspirational hub of unattainable lifestyle goals – it’s meant to be real, to be sincere. Here you’ll find real life experiences, tales of lessons learned, everyday inspiration, affordable lifestyle tips, real talk, reflections and advice.

But first, a little bit about me:

  • I drink my coffee black (Dunkin > Starbucks)
  • I’m the youngest of three
  • Guilty Pleasure: Hallmark movies (year round)
  • Non-blog hobbies: Reading, adventuring and anything that involves my dog, Delaney
  • Favorite food(s): Tacos, mac & cheese, chicken fingers
  • Can’t live without: Cocoa butter chapstick
  • Favorite TV show growing up: Charmed
  • Bucket List: Visit every National Park in the U.S.

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